College Football vs NFL

College Football vs NFL

College Football vs NFL



It’s that time of year. Time for shorter days and cooler temperatures as fall nears and football starts. While it is sad to think of summer ending, many of us excitedly look forward to FOOTBALL. Sure, pre-season is not really worth watching but it does bring the promise of hope for the season to come. It also brings some households marital strife. For many it is the struggle for any attention when someone is glued to the television for the big game. For some, it is the battle of favorite teams and big rivalries. In our household, it generally leads to the annual debate to decide which is better, NFL or NCAA Football?

The justifications begin. “NFL is way better. The skill level is head and shoulders above the NCAA”. This often meets the response of, “NCAA football is so much better. The athletes are focused on making a mark and playing even if they don’t have a contract ending soon.” Sometimes this leads to a snarky comment about how it is easy to have little feeling for the NCAA when your college team is Division 2” which are fighting words.

According to the Harris Poll, NFL football is America’s favorite sport, followed by baseball and then NCAA Men’s Football. With college stadiums packed every single weekend, it’s hard to fathom the sport would come in third behind baseball, but the poll seems pretty consistent over the years.

Whatever your preference, there is one thing we can all agree upon: Football is AWESOME! I know that our household is excited to see what the season will bring. You can bet that we will be wearing our favorite NCAA team shirts on Saturdays and our NFL team shirts on Sundays.

Tell us which you prefer and why.

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